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Here at we provide a new prayer every day.
Each prayer is based on a scripture from the Bible.
This will build up your inner person,
and cause you to learn how to put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself! Blessings on your day today,

Pastor Grace

My Light and Salvation

Psalm 27:

1 The Lord is my light and my salvation;
who is then a cause of fear to me?
the Lord is the strength of my life;
who is a danger to me?
(Bible in Basic English)


Today, Father,
I am so privileged to declare this wonderful truth:
You are my light!
When there is darkness in my life
and I cannot discern the way I should go,
You are my light!
I do not need to generate a light of my own,
or seek other, doubtful sources of light,
because You are my light!   O, thank You, LORD!
And there is more, Father!   You are my salvation!
You are my Help,  my Guide,  my Protector,
my Way forward.
You are my Truth,  my Path,  my Sustainer,  all I ever need.
O, thank You LORD!

And there is still more, Father!
You are the strength of my life!
When life sends mountainous challenges,
Your strength takes me through.
When life is enjoyable and Your good flood into me,
Your strength takes me through.
When there are disappointments to face,
Your strength takes me through.   O, thank You LORD!
You are my Lord:  today and always!    Amen.


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